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  • Game of goose Classic edition
Game of goose Classic edition

Game of goose Classic edition

In this classic and original edition, you will enjoy the atmosphere of the board game of your childhood, the same one your grandmother played with. The game's origins are uncertain but the earliest recorded mention to the game in 1480. Francesco de Medici gave a first version of the game to Phillip II of Spain in 1574. The game of goose is strictly a game of chance and children can play on an equal basis with adults. This simple rules and fun are the reasons why this game is so popular within families all around the world. If the final dice roll is too high, the player must move his piece forward to the last square and then backwards until the full count is reached. Only one player may occupy any space on the board. If you end your turn on a square occupied by an opponent, that player goes back to the square you started your turn from. You can play up to 4 players in this classic edition of game of goose. What are you waiting for to play ?


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