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Pango Bakery

Pango Bakery

Enter the oven and follow each recipe's extraordinary journey: slide down the conveyor belt, jump from block to block, flip the vertical loop, climb the stairs, sneak by the flipper, move the crane, take the elevator, avoid the hammers... It's a fabulous obstacle course that requires dexterity and coordination. In each circuit, decorate the pastries according to your whim, with ingredients like chocolate chips, vanilla cream, strawberries, or sausages. You'll also discover 5 themed worlds where you can make Christmas cookies, Easter rolls, or birthday cakes. The Pango recipes are a real challenge. You'll need patience and agility to create these succulent desserts! And you can have as many as you want ;) FEATURES • A game of dexterity and coordination • 15 unique journeys • 5 thematic worlds • Adaptive and progressive difficulty • An infinity of different recipes to make


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